I’m off and running!

IMG_6132I am finally publishing my book, which has kept me very busy over the last few weeks! Though I never thought I would work with self publishing, that is the direction I am going.

I had never wanted my work associated with self publishing, except in the book arts arena. I worked at a small press for a while and some of the self published garbage that came through gave me no respect for the industry. Anyone can publish anything, no matter how bad it is. I felt that self publishing would not lend any respect to my work.

But the publishing industry is changing, and I guess I am changing with it. Print on demand is more popular, even with the large publishing houses, and working with authors who self publish also appears to add another dimension to their business.

It started with me submitting the manuscript to a Women of Faith writing contest. I was hoping to win a publishing package, but I didn’t, so I dismissed the whole thing. Then I got a call from WestBow Press, the company working with Women of Faith on the contest. I said, “Thank you but I’m not interested.”

A few weeks later, I got a another call while I was sitting in the hospital room with my mother. For some reason, I decided to talk with the guy and explained Mom’s story to him. He choked up.

“Is that the truth, or is this just a sales pitch?” I said.

“I have talked with many, many authors, and I have never before been brought to tears just talking with an author,” he said.

He originally offered a discount on the publishing package, and I told him I didn’t have any money. We talked about paying over a three-month period and that was the end of the conversation. I asked him to e-mail all that we talked about, and when I got home, the e-mail said his publishing manager also wants to get behind the book and offered a deeper discount.

The next day, comments were made to Mom by hospital staff about her being an inspiration and I shared people’s current responses with family and friends. Then someone offered to help finance the project! It was like all the pieces were coming together to say that now is the time.

I am working with WestBow Press, which is under the umbrella of HarperCollins, a giant in the book publishing industry. The contract appears more of a partnership to me than just sending in my manuscript for printing. I chose to go this direction because of the resources available with a company that size. I pay for the up front costs and then the company makes the book available through its network, which includes online and 25,000 retailers world wide.

Nothing is set in stone. Right now, WestBow is taking a look at the manuscript to make sure it fits into the company’s ethical guidelines. Once that is done, the manuscript will move on to an editorial assessment where an editor reviews a portion of the manuscript and gives me ideas on how to make it better.

Even though the manuscript was completed when I got back from Malaysia, and it was submitted for the writing contest, I spent a lot of time refining it and making sure I submitted what I really wanted. All I have done the last couple of weeks is work and work on the submission process.

While all this is going on, searching for the perfect title and images for the front cover continues. I have specific ideas, but am not sure what will be best. The book is short, simple and to the point, without a lot of literary license. The goal is to present Mom’s story as truthful as I can, interjecting my own comments along the way. The title needs to fit that style, not make it look like a novel.

I have been conducting a poll on which title people would pick up first: “Shining Through the Broken Package” or “No Time to Quit.” It is a blast, and I love the comments and discussion!

This is an exciting time for me, and I really appreciate the help and encouragement I have had along the way. Especially from my creative partner, my husband. If you have any suggestions or comments, I would love to hear them.





  1. This is wonderful! I know you were getting this published but did not know the details until the email newsletter this morning.

  2. I’m so excited for you! I can’t wait to purchase a copy.

  3. Cille Johnson says

    Congratulations!! I am so proud of you! In this day of everything having to happen right NOW and then it is forgotten 10 minutes later…this is a story that needs to be told and you are the perfect person to tell it. Thousands of people have received great benefit from this one extraordinary life and the people behind it.

  4. Cathy Hume says

    I am tickled to hear that you are getting published. I think it is awesome! Your mom’s determination for life, and your determination to tell the story of that life, is a reflection of all that can be achieved when we refuse to just “give up”. I am very much looking forward to reading it.

  5. Thanks for your kind comments! It truly is exciting for me!
    I thought I would let you know I have decided on the title: “No Time to Quit” with “Life in a Broken Package” as a subtitle.

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