Get those writing juices flowing!

Here are seven new words to get those writing juices flowing for a paragraph-long story. You can still write a story using the words from the last couple of posts. Just go to past projects, click on the writing project you want to submit for and submit the story through the comment section below the instructions. Submit a story for as many as you would like!


The new words: Snow, spring, crocodile, orange, teal, fluid, inconsistence.



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  1. The crocodile laid motionless just under the surface of the teal blue water as if suspended in a gelatinous fluid. With the snow finally melting from the mountain above, there wasn’t even a ripple in the cool spring water in the pond. He was waiting for the morning sun to filter through the clouds and break the inconsistence of the recent weather. One day it was hot, the next cool. He was looking forward to the hot days of summer where the pond water is like a warm bath tub and the sun bakes his dark skin.

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