Seven more words!

Here are seven new words to get those writing juices flowing for a paragraph-long story. You can still write a story using the words from the last couple of posts. Just go to past projects, click on the writing project you want to submit for and submit the story through the comment section below the instructions. Submit a story for as many as you would like!


The new words: Poster, egg, donkey, barrel, slither, jump, brown.





  1. From Robin Buzzeo:

    She stared at the hot pink poster. The words promised the show would dazzle and delight with just the price of admission. She saw a brown donkey jumping through a hoop with a trainer by his side. Hmmm, she mused, perhaps the spectacle would be worth a few pesos. Making her way through crowded streets to the address from the advertisement, she watched the motorcycles slither through the streets like over fed snakes. A large brown barrel sat outside the door of an old theater a man outside selling tickets. She handed him the going price, the man’s smile glittering in her direction. Through the doors a semi-dark small space with sawdust floors greeted her nostrils. The show had already begun, a dog sitting on a stool balancing an egg on his nose under the spotlight. She found a seat toward the back against a wall where a woman asked if she wanted a drink. She declined as the sound of applause surged the room. The donkey had entered the stage looking older than the pictured. The tired back shook under muscle spasms as he walked a circle in the middle of the stage. Cigar smoke filled the air from the few other patrons in the theater. She watched the duo set up, the trainer speaking in Spanish to the crowd. When the hoop came out the donkey’s ears perked up, eyes coming to life. He swept through the hoop with the grace of an animal much younger, more majestic than he. In awe she leapt with him as he went back a second time, she exhaled as silent tears trickled down her cheeks, unnoticed through the scattered applause.

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