Bugs won visually – I won produce

Even though they won the war, I won the droppings – the PRODUCE is mine!

Most of my plants are producing beautiful flowers or wonderful fruit and vegetables. The chain link fence is barely visible through the morning glories, cucumbers and tomatoes. The cucumber plants grew over the top of the fence and all the way down to the driveway, where they are making their way along the retaining wall.

Even the five green bean seeds I planted are producing delicious beans, though the leaves look like lace doilies.

Recently, I took a large colander when I went out to harvest and it was totally inadequate. After several trips, my kitchen counter was covered with tomatoes, cucumbers, banana and jalapeno peppers, green beans, rosemary, basil, oregano and zucchini.

The insects that were working on the Chinese lantern plants must be an early summer pest because the new growth looks much better. I had completely dismissed the idea of drying any of the lanterns, but as they turn orange, I have noticed many look pretty good. I dried one bouquet and have another drying hanging upside in a closet.

I also have these incredible sunflowers growing next to the garage. One is as tall as I am when I am standing on the concrete patio ON TOP of the garage! The blossoms are just forming because I planted them so late. I hope they have a change to bloom before winter hits.

Now that the insects and I have come to an agreement, I am less stressed, but a new nuisance is making its way into my garden. Actually, two of them – squirrels and fungus.

I noticed little holes dug in plants I recently potted and mentioned to Ron that I had critters digging in my pots. He said it was probably squirrels, and I saw one later in the yard.

The fungus is expected because of the kind of season we have had. It is attacking the tomatoes, leaving small circular spots on some of the fruit. Most of the fruit is perfect, so I sprayed with an organic bacteria, which helped.

This is the first year I have grown Cherokee purple tomatoes, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have not been disappointed! The purple red flesh is sweet, and some of the tomatoes are nearly the size of a softball.

All in all, it has been a good gardening season. I have some hostas from the property on which my husband grew up, hollyhocks I planted from seed, shasta daisies, sedum and a few other plants that should come back. I’m looking forward to creating a better design for what I have, cleaning out the area around the berries and seeding a nicer lawn.

I love my home!



  1. Our Morning Glories just started flowering.
    Beautiful purple and blue flowers now decorate our fence.

  2. The Cherokee purple tomatoe that you gave to us was delicious! I made tomatoe sandwiches out of it. I also made a cucumber salad for Mat.

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