The Husband

By Dean Koontz

Ever wonder how you would react if a loved one is kidnapped for ransom? “The Husband” takes the reader on a journey through a gardener’s mind and heart after his wife is kidnapped.

The confusion begins when the kidnappers ask for a $2 million or they will kill his wife, Holly, though they know Mitch Rafferty, the gardener, does not have that kind of money.

“You’ll find a way,” Mitch is told.

The kidnappers shoot a man walking a dog just down the street from where Mitch is standing to prove their point. He is given two days to comply.

As Mitch struggles to come up with the money, evidence is staged making it look like he murdered Holly so he would not go to the police. He also learns things about family members, and ends up doing things he never thought he had the strength to do.

The plot creates an interesting story, and I love the way Dean Koontz uses words, but there are a lot of areas in the book that have too much detail, at times seeming redundant. The purpose appears to be putting the reader in Mitch’s mind to feel his emotions, but that could have been achieved without working so hard.


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