They Thought For themselves

By Sid Roth

I don’t know how this book came into my hands. It was mailed directly to me by Sid Roth with a letter intimating that I am Jewish, though I am not. My heritage comes from a variety of places, with none being Jewish that I am aware of.

That being said, I read this book about “Ten Amazing Jews” who, instead of following tradition for tradition’s sake, thought through religious tradition and came to the realization that Jesus, or Yeshua, is the son of God. The New Testament is a Jewish book.

The back of the book states that Roth “was instructed in a dream to find and interview people who had broken through the mold of their previous experiences to achieve their destiny.” He found people from a variety of backgrounds including an atheist, a couple of Holocaust survivors, a concert pianist, a media executive and a Ph.D. Their stories are ones of growth and forgiveness.

The individual’s stories are interesting, and the strength it took for Holocaust survivors to forgive the atrocities done to them or get past their children believing in Jesus is amazing. But I did not really enjoy reading the book. I don’t know if that is because it did not mesh with where I am in my life or not. It is written to help people to a closer relationship to God and His peace through His son.

It is a fast read, written well, and outlines the steps taken by those interviewed through their trials and spiritual journeys.



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