Blue Moon Promise

By Colleen Coble
Blue Moon Promise is a book that intermixes relationship, conflict and faith.
Lucy Marsh’s life is turned upside down after losing her job shortly after her father died, and she is caring for her two younger siblings on her own.
The stage is set, and Coble immediately jumps into intrigue. Someone breaks into Lucy’s home, and then an old friend of her father’s shows up at the door with the proposition of marriage to his son. With no money and fearing for the safety of her siblings, she prayerfully considers the option.
Why would someone break into their home? Did it have anything to do with her father’s pawn shop business? Unanswered questions filled Lucy’s mind as she accepts the offer.
When she reaches Texas, her new husband is furious with his father and thinks the worst of Lucy.
The book takes you through the building of their relationship, which is a bit predictable. What is not predictable is how all the characters, and the issues that plague them, have related roots.
The book is a pleasant read, though Lucy’s inability to accept that her husband, Nate Stanton, loves her gets a little old. How the other characters in the story, especially Nate’s father, fits into the intrigue is a bit of surprise, which is refreshing given the predictability of Lucy and Nate’s relationship.


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