Choice, the architect of our lives

Uploading the columns I have written over the years into the computer is an interesting adventure, both down memory lane and into my past thought processes. It's fascinating when I find ones that speak to me now. The following column was written in 2004. I firmly believe the concepts in this column. Though some of my priorities and choices change with the ebb and flow of life, like the choice to go to Nigeria last fall, I am grateful I live in a country where choice truly is the architect of our lives.   Choice, the architect of our lives   Have you ever thought about how each choice we make affects our lives and the lives of those who are around us? Sometimes, the simplest choices have a domino effect on the future. The choice can be as simple as hopping in a truck to go for a ride with some friends, or as the order of a group of people snowboarding down a hill.   My son, who was third in a group of four going down a mountain, was recently involved in a major snowboarding accident. Because he was third, the last person witnessed the accident and ended up staying with him until the ski patrol showed up.   One change in the order and it … [Read more...]


Daring to Dream

I have been a journalist for many years, beginning my published career around 1990. Though I haven't written articles for publication the last year-and-one-half, journalism still runs in my blood and my thoughts. In the early 1990s, I wrote columns for the Winsted Journal, which I enjoyed tremendously. That was before blogging became a part of our culture. The following column is one I wrote in February of 1995 during a tough time in my life. There were struggles in my marriage, and I was about to sell my hobby farm. It is a column of gratitude and acknowledgement of the blessings in my life.   Daring to dream Do you remember what you wanted as a kid? I mean really wanted? The hopes and dreams that filled your heart and mind? Sometimes we have a tendency to get so wrapped up in our world that we forget what we really wanted. "This bill has to be paid, or this project needs to be finished." What happens to those hopes and dreams? Do they disappear because we "grow up" and realize how ridiculous they seem? Do they disappear because we decide it's time to live in reality? It's like Robin Williams in the movie "Peter Pan". He forgot what was important to him. … [Read more...]

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New Year resolutions started a month ago

"Happy New Year!" conjures up memories of bubbles floating to the top of non-alcoholic wine in colored stemware, party hats, and noisemakers ushering in the new year while watching the ball drop in Time Square from the comfort of our living room. New Year's Day is spent curled up on a couch with a notebook rewriting our lives with resolutions to become better people in the coming months.   For me, this year was very different. When my supervisor told me our shift was working on New Year's Day I realized there was no reason for me not to work. Celebrations to usher in the new year with goals and plans to move ahead seemed counter productive since I basically started that over a month ago.   The changes began in October when I got back from Nigeria. I had decided my work schedule needed to change, as well as my pay grade. Weekends off were a rarity in retail, and weekends were when my husband was home. For a few weeks I tried to accomplish those goals through changing positions within Home Depot, but nothing worked. Drastic measures were in order.   I put in an application for a job that would give me longer shifts, the ability to work fewer days in a … [Read more...]


Book Launch Celebration went well

Wow! The last few weeks have been a whirlwind! (Silence... Staring... Fingers perched on the keyboard...) That just about says it all... Two exciting things happened the week of July 29. Actually, one was not so exciting. I received my first copies of "No Time to Quit" and found out I have shingles. I'm not going to go into all the gory details of shingles in my head and eye, but suffice it to say, navigating through the details of moving forward with the book was much more difficult. I couldn't even schedule a book launch celebration because of not knowing when the symptoms would be manageable enough for me to function. The shingles did put a damper on the excitement of receiving the first copies of my first book, but I was terribly excited anyway. Holding a book in my had that has my name on it as the author has been a dream of mine since I was a child. The day I found out the book was available online at WestBow Press I was so excited I couldn't think the rest of the day. I was supposed to be working on publicity ideas and writing a press release. Within days, the book also was on the Barnes & Noble website, as well as Amazon. And Mom had been selling so many books … [Read more...]