Creativity a part of survival

Creativity. Life has a way of crowding out creativity. But what is life if not creative?   Survival. Survival at the mercy of our society's structure.   But there are those who don't survive very well without following the creative impulses, whether they lead to inventing, or organizing, or creating beauty through words, color or structure. I am one of those people... When life crowds out the ability to create, I withdraw inside myself and move toward being a hermit, which causes other issues inside of me. Spending time with people has always put deposits into my emotional bank, and moving away from people depletes the balance to the point where "why bother" enters into my thought process. The fallacy that I can be self sustaining and not need others permeates my mind.   Drastic changes happen.   My husband sees those changes, and gets concerned. He acts, and I flourish.   Over the last couple of years, life has crowded out much of my creative time. I have let every day duties and responsibilities drain me to the point of not having enough energy to create. My husband changed all that. He bought me a pottery class, which is … [Read more...]


Taking time out for creativity

As I write this I hear a pop, then another, then another. That means the effort I put forth this afternoon chopping peppers, garlic, tomatoes and onions to make salsa worked! The seals are taking hold, and I will be able to move the jars into the cupboard. A successful project! A couple of weeks ago I completed another project that took me into my creative mind. It felt good. You ?know how creativity always seems to take the back seat to taking care of everything around you - the house, the job, the yard, the laundry, paying the bills, etc.? Then the relationships, which really should be the top priority, also get in the way. Well, enough is enough! I hadn't done anything with art in so long, I was wondering if I even could, so I signed up for an acrylic painting class at an open studio in Minneapolis. Since I paid for it in advance, there was no backing out. Nothing else was going to wiggle in and steal my creative time, not even being exhausted from working all day. The tiny class of four started with us choosing a canvas board with a pencil outline of a rabbit or a calla lily. I was hoping the class would not be a paint-by-number session, so I was a little concerned. … [Read more...]