Words, words, words

With all the enthusiasm lost on the last writing exercise, I decided to go back to something simple and fun. I am starting with seven words to be included in a single-paragraph story. Please check it out and submit your paragraph stories through the comment box below. Here goes… The first seven words are: Ice, white, purple, mice, barrel, yogurt and malicious.


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  1. With the white fog covering the sun, the barrel was the only thing visible in the snow covered field. From the road, its ghostly silhouette looked like a piece of chocolate in a bath of yogurt. Creeping softly through knee-deep snow, the hoar frost parachuting from the nearby trees became dots of glitter on my purple jacket. Crunch, crunch, crunch, slip. I realized I wasn’t in a field, I was walking out on a lake. Unsure about the thickness of the ice, I slowly continued toward the barrel. Crunch, crunch, slip. As I reached the barrel, my feet slipped on the ice and I tumbled into the deep snow, grasping the edge of the barrel and taking it with me. The top popped off and several mice skittered over the snow toward the trees. With spring approaching, it appeared a malicious person put the barrel on the ice to drown the mice when it fell in the lake. Crack, groan, pop. I slipped into the water instead.

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