Voting Day

The photo is of celebrating 4th of July.

I know there are a lot of messages today circulating about voting, but I am going to add one more. GET OUT AND VOTE! I plan to.

Some people say this presidential election is one of the most important elections in history. I’m not sure I agree with that because our country has gone through many things, both good and bad. But our current economic situation, along with our country’s foreign relations, does make this election an important one.

Next to those two issues is our health care climate. I was not happy with the passing of the current administration’s “Affordable Health Bill”, but I hope people are not naive enough to believe it can be undone quickly. I know people who are voting for Romney because they think his administration can undo the bill before all of it is in place in 2014. That gives the administration only one year. Even if it begins the process of change, something has to replace it and creating a new program to implement in a year is something I cannot fathom.

Another thing I’m not sure people are really taking into account is the cost. We talk about the current deficit and want the budget to be cut, yet changing massive programs like health care is extremely costly. Millions of dollars have been spent already in the beginning phases of implementation, which will have to be spent again with a new program.

Don’t get me wrong. I KNOW this country needs health care reform, especially when it comes to the cost of prescriptions. But I believe it has to be done in a way that will actually help the people instead of require more red tape, ?or force people into insurance programs. I don’t believe forcing everyone into insurance programs whether they can afford it or not will cut expenses for anyone. It will increase taxes to pay for the monitors, etc.

I digress… Having these discussions is what our country is supposed to be about – the freedom to express likes and dislikes about how our tax dollars are being spent. We have the right to vote for like-minded people we feel will represent our thoughts and needs. That right has been paid for with blood, money and time since our country was established. I, for one, am not giving up that right.

On the Minnesota ballot, we also have two constitutional amendments to consider, one that is being considered all over the country – the definition of marriage. I thought the marriage amendment just defined the word marriage as one man and one woman but all the campaign info has made it look like for or against gay marriage. Just because the word is not currently defined as one man and one woman does not make gay marriage legal in Minnesota, so I was confused why it is so important for some people to change the constitution. Then I saw the actual question. Approval of the amendment closes the door completely for recognition of gay marriage of any kind, even marriages legally recognized in other states, unless another constitutional amendment is passed.

My question is: Why should we take that issue to the state constitution? Obviously, there is a huge split on the issue given the millions of dollars spent by both sides campaigning. In my opinion, constitutional amendments should only be done when the true majority is in agreement, and they should not be done in a way that purposely discriminates.

I was recently given an interesting solution to the whole issue when talking with someone. He said we should keep the word “marriage” for a man and woman union and come up with a term for a man and man union and another term for a woman and woman union, with all three terms affording the couples the same legal status and privileges. That way, it would be clear from the beginning and people would not have to ask so many questions. What do you think?

The other amendment requiring photo IDs is GREAT in principal, but I have a problem with implementation. Do we really have enough money to provide free identification for eligible voters? Hey, then Mom would not have to pay to get her state ID updated… But then who will be able to get free ones and who will have to pay? And how are we going to make up the millions needed to create the free ones?

I do agree it would help with voting fraud, but our economic situation as a state and country needs to be addressed before we have to file bankruptcy. Adding costly programs does not help that in the least.

I really haven’t said who I am voting for, but that is for me to know. I am heading out to vote! I hope you do, too!



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