As I sit here writing, working on articles for a newspaper, the sun is beckoning me outside, teasing me with its perceived warmth, taunting me to abandon my current quest for the adventure of soul food.
To further draw me away, I look above my computer, out the window, and see a magnificent cardinal perched on a branch in my backyard maple tree. I began talking with him, praising his beautiful colors and announcing the blessing of his visit. Though I’m sure he couldn’t hear me, he turned to face me, nodding his head as if in conversation with me.
This is February in Minnesota? Yes, I meant to add the question mark! The ground is brown and littered with leaves. There are spotty splashes of snow that light up the shadows behind trees and buildings. It seems more like spring than winter.
February is supposed to be frigid with a foot of snow. Either that or warming, with water seeping out from under the snow.
I was talking with someone at work about the snow blowers recently and I said I wish it would snow.
“You like snow?” he said. “I could do without.”
“We need the snow,” I said. “The ground needs the moisture.”
“It could rain instead,” he said.
To show how far removed from spring I am, it had never occurred to me that rain would be just as good for the ground at this time of year.
Though I love to be outside, the beautiful mild weather has affected many things in Minnesota, including the tourist industry. Ice fishing, which is as much Minnesota as the name, has proved to be dangerous. Venues for events have changed because of unsafe ice, and vehicles and people have fallen through the ice on several lakes.
And what about snowmobiling? There hasn’t been much in my neck of the woods.
I love spring, and am looking forward to working outside in my yard and gardens, but we could use a winter. I hope it doesn’t choose to come in April.


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