November 29 words

NOVEMBER 29 WORDS: Joy, windmill, terracotta, balsam fir, rainbow, angry, tomorrow.



  1. Masked Man says

    The week started like any other. I slowly climbed my way through work and the usual mundane routine. By the time Friday came along I was quite exhausted. You would think I would be angry from all this work and no play, but that was not the case. I knew that tomorrow I would visit my good friend Joy and she always cheers me up.
    She recently took a weekend job working at a windmill, so I decided to meet her there. When I awoke Saturday morning, it was raining. I wrapped myself in balsam fir and headed out to Joys work. By the time I arrived the rain had turned into drizzle and the sun was out. Joy and I climbed to the top of windmill and see the beautiful rainbow on the horizon. We spent the entire day just hanging out talking about terracotta and any other thoughts that came to mind.
    It is times like these that make it all worth it.

  2. As she walked the tree-lined dirt road, Gloria was saddened by the overcast day. She felt the light drizzle on her face and cursed the clouds for spoiling the day she had hoped would be perfect. “I shouldn’t be so angry”, she thought silently, “but this day is too important to be anything but bright and sunny.”

    She stopped and rested on the wooden split-rail fence. The row of balsam firs behind her blocked the mist and gave her a little more comfort. As she gazed at the small farmhouse across the way, she heard a voice. “Hello there”, said the old gentleman, “Is this the road to the County Fair?”

    Despite his weathered look, he had a kind face. “Yes”, said Gloria, “I was just on my way there myself. Would you care to join me?”

    “I would be honored” said the man, “My name is Harold.” “How do you do?” she said, shaking his hand, “I’m Gloria. I’m supposed to sing at the Fair today.”

    As she shook hands, she couldn’t help but notice the calluses which revealed many years of hard work. “You don’t look very happy about it”, he noted. “It’s the rain”, she sighed, “I wanted this day to be perfect.”

    “But this is a perfect day!” said Harold. She looked at him quizzically. “But it’s raining!” She cried. He noted he exaggeration, as this fog could hardly be called rain.

    “You are fighting windmills my dear.” The quizzical look on Gloria’s face told him that the quixotic reference was lost on her. “You are making a mountain out of a mole hill” he clarified. “Without a little rain, nothing would grow. That wouldn’t make the farmers very happy. You should find joy and comfort in today’s rain knowing that it brings tomorrow’s rainbows.”

    “But I wanted this day to be perfect” she persisted.

    “Do you see that house across the field?” Harold asked. “Look at the beautiful terra cotta roof. Someone had to haul all of those heavy tiles up there and lay each one down precisely in order to keep the rain out. It would have been much easier to make the roof out of wood, but wood would not last and soon rot. That roof however, will stand for many years because it can withstand the rain”

    Gloria realized what the wise old man was telling her. In life, it is not only how well you can perform, but how well you can adapt to perform in any given circumstance.

    She had a sense of renewal as she walked the rest of the way with her new friend and later that afternoon, with Harold in the audience, Gloria gave the performance of her life. As she listened to the applause, she saw him give her a wink. She took a bow, and when she rose, he was gone.

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