November 17 words

NOVEMBER 17 WORDS: Febrile, corkscrew, fast, sloppy, plant, tractor.


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  1. once upon a time, there was a big purple tractor. The purple tractor loved to build stuff. He was really fast at puting stuff together. He was soooo good that he went to a different planet! When he got there he saw a very unusal plant. It look very ugly and sloppy. so he moved on. When he got to the natives they told him “You have to build us a big corkscrew! If you dont we blow up your planet!” So he started to build when a beautful native came to wach him, her name was Febrile. Well, the next day the big purple tractor was ridding around when all of a sudden he heard ,”HELP!” It was Ferbril! He was so sad. Once all the natives came they were very mad! They were so mad that they took him all apart to pay for what he did. It tured out Ferbril was the princess! So thats the story of the big purple tractor.

  2. It was a crisp, sunny morning. Dennis was just starting up the tractor, getting ready to roll it out of the shed. There was work that needed to be done. The corn wasn’t going to plant itself. This was Dennis’ life. He loved being a farmer; getting up with the sun and going to bed with it. He liked the serene calm that he could only experience when he was high up on that John Deere, moving through the endless field when the rest of the world was still snuggled up in bed.

    Some days he worked so diligently that by the end of the day he was febrile. This was his body’s way of telling him to slow down; unlike his wife’s requests to take a break, this was a suggestion that he could not ignore. His wife of 27 years would tell him to get down off that big old machine and come inside for a glass of wine and dinner by candle light. When Dennis did not listen, Mary would run through the field, with a picnic basket in one hand and a bottle of wine and a corkscrew in the other, and join him in the cab.

    Dennis was not very fast at planting his corn. Sometimes the other farmers would give him a hard time about the rate at which he moved through his field. One thing was for certain, even though he took longer, he did not do a sloppy job. Dennis and Mary’s corn field was the best in their area.

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