New Year’s Resolutions

This is February already! What am I doing writing about New Year’s resolutions? I’ve been so busy, I haven’t even made any resolutions yet.
This year, I’ve decided to start a new system: Since most of us break our resolutions within the first three weeks of January, I decided to wait until February to begin work on the new year!
What are New Year resolutions anyway? When I was younger, they were a thoughtful look at the past year to choose new and better goals for the next. As the years rolled by, I found I chose many of the same goals for the next year, building on what I already accomplished.
The problem is life gets in the way. Often personal goals are relegated to the back burner as other needs fill the pots in the front.
Maybe instead of annually looking at goals, or resolutions, we should break them into smaller segments and look at them monthly. That would help keep us focused and moving forward.
But the first thing I need to do is spend more time on personal goals and let some of the other needs go.
What are you doing this year? Are you still on track for your resolutions? If you are, I applaud you!


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