New Gardening Experiment

Have you seen the info on straw bale gardening? I like lasagna gardening because I don’t really like to dig, but this year, I chose to experiment. Since I have never grown anything in a straw bale, I purchased one bale and placed it in the corner of my garden. I added about an inch of compost and then proceeded to plant my zucchini on and near the bale. The finishing touch was watering it well. So far, the plants look good.


Straw bale gardening

The wire cage to the left of the bale is an old display from work that I am using to support the pea plants. I put it in the ground about an inch down and then planted the peas. With the cool weather we are having, the peas should still do very well.

The only problem with this consistent rain is the timing. It seems like the nice days I’m at work and the rainy days I am at home. I don’t have to water, but I am finding it hard to finish the yard and garden. The mulch is still in bags on my front step and my tomatoes are still in the flat.


Hopefully, I will be able to finish what I started soon. Otherwise the season will be gone. Blink and I will miss it.

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  1. Well the experiment is not working so well. I probably should have let the straw bale rest and decompose more before I planted. The zucchini on the ground is doing wonderful, but the plants in the bale are small and non productive. When I purchased the straw bale, one of the bales near it had grass growing out of it, which I didn’t want. Now, my straw bale is covered in grass as if the seed were baled with the straw. I know it’s not grass, it’s grain, but it is a nuisance because the bale looks like my legs after a no-shave winter, and pulling it out is painful.

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