More words!

Let’s try this again!! I will post seven more words today and let’s see if you can come up with a paragraph-sized story using all seven words. You can still write a story using the words from the last project. Just go to past projects, click on the writing project you want to submit for and submit the story through the comment section below the instructions. Submit a story for as many as you would like!

The seven words for today are: Fairy, yellow, green, flighty, toilet, leaf, amble.



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  1. Here’s my story using these words:

    A flighty young fairy
    all green from a berry
    searched for the yellow terrain
    and the house that was there,
    which was golden and rare,
    that helped to keep her mind sane.
    As she ambled around
    a leaf on the ground
    a toilet was all that remained.
    The rest of the home
    was under a gnome
    in splinters dissolved in the rain.

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