Event, after event, after event, after event, after…

Today is a beautiful day with the sun leaping down through the trees, one leaf at a time until it touches the grass. The temperature is moderate, a far cry from the heat and humidity we have had recently, and the sky is a gorgeous blue with white lambs wool sporadically wiping it clean.

It is a good day for reflection about the many blessings that abound through the chaos…

Does your family have a period out of the year where everything happens? Ours is right now! It started the 10th with a grandchild’s birthday, two anniversaries the next week and my mother’s 80th birthday open house is on Sunday. My husband and I celebrate our 32nd anniversary the 29th, my mother-in-law’s birthday is July 1 and our son is getting married July 2. And it continues with a several birthdays in the next couple of weeks. At the end of July, we have three more birthdays, and the Johnson family reunion (my dad’s family) will be here.

How is a person supposed to work full time, plan birthday parties, take care of the gardens, do the household chores and still be sane?

There are so many blessings causing the events: My mother making it to 80, the children and grandchildren, and the growing family. The memories made through the events also are blessings to treasure.

So far, I’m doing OK. I’m not remembering anything related to anything else, but I’m still functioning… I have decided to look at things in chunks, which irritates some people, but that’s all I can do. Right now, I am concentrating on the 80th birthday open house and the wedding. Everything else will have to wait. Oops! I should probably put my mother-in-law’s birthday in there, too, since her birthday is the day after the wedding…

If I make it through the summer with some sense of sanity, that will be good. But I don’t want to just “make it” through. I want to ENJOY it!

Look out summer! Here I come!!!



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