Peace amidst the distractions.

Here I sit amidst many distractions trying to wrench the right word out of air thickly laced with rock lyrics and confrontation. Images, words and music are flying around, encircling my consciousness with ridiculous rhetoric, making meaningful work nearly impossible. I thought I could get an article written while mechanics comb over Mom’s van, but I guess my ignoring-with-the-best-of-them skills are defunct.

My waiting-room mate is watching Judge Allred, and songs like “White Wedding” fly through the air between the rhetoric of the radio DJ and energetic advertisements. How can I ignore them when a man who has 21 children (in 14 years, mind you) is trying to recover child support paid over five years for a child the current DNA test proves is not his? Or the woman who is trying to recover the cost of new upholstery because a friend urinated in the front seat of her new car after a night at the club?

I don’t watch Judge Judy or Judge Allred or any of the reality judge shows, mostly because the situations are so ridiculous. But I can see how people get drawn into the stupidity of people. Can you imagine urinating in a friends new vehicle? Or suing someone because they did? I mean, if you go out to a club and drink, how can you not expect stupid things to happen?

“… Got to be a joker cause he do what he please… Come together right now over me…”

We did have a stupid situation with someone urinating in one of our vehicles, and yes, it was drinking related. Friends took a young man out for his 21st birthday, and he got really drunk. Walking home, he happened upon Mom’s van, which we forgot to lock. The next morning, I found a stranger sleeping in the reclined passenger seat.

Dummy me confronted him and he wouldn’t get out of the vehicle so I called the police. The police shook their heads and laughed about the situation, especially since the young man peed in the well where Mom’s wheelchair sits.

The man gave us $100 to get the vehicle detailed and cleaned, which ended the situation. We did not press any charges or take him to court. I would hope the stupidity of his actions were embarrassment enough for him.

“… There’s only one voice that you should listen to…”

As for a man having 21 children in 14 years with various women: He should learn to keep his penis in his pants!!! If you can’t support all those children, you shouldn’t have them. Accidental pregnancies do happen, but 21 of them? You would think the guy would figure it out a lot sooner.

“… I stand here helplessly hoping you’ll get into me… I’m so into you…”

I guess this really is a change of pace. I’m not working in the garden center, or in my yard, or doing laundry, or picking up the house, or writing an article. Being forced to stop has its advantages, even when it creates a little chaos. I spend so much time multi-tasking and getting things checked off my extensive list that I don’t know how to be still. And now I have to.

“… Baby I’m amazed at the way I really need you…”


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