A most amazing day!

Spending time with family for me is one of the best parts of a holiday, and I made sure that opportunity would be there on Easter. I invited family over to our house, even though my husband would be working. What was I thinking? My work schedule did not allow much time for cleaning, so my guests had to deal with the house as it is. Plus, I put them to work. The day started with breakfast at the church and then services with my mom. The service was WONDERFUL and it was great to see everyone, hug so many people and wish everyone a happy Easter. At home, the basement had to be cleared before hand because my mother, who is in a wheelchair, cannot make it to the main level of the house. My son helped with that, and my husband vacuumed. On Easter, before we ate, my son set up the tables in the basement, another family member helped with preparing food and another took the trinkets I bought for the grandchildren and packed them into the baskets we would hide later. My daughter swept the kitchen floor, and my son-in-law went to pick up my mom. He had to jump-start her van because I left the lights on the last time I used it. And everyone brought food to share. I grilled three … [Read more...]