Morning work

Zucchini breadThe sky is dark as the balcony door creaks open letting the cool breath of morning air filter into the bedroom. It is early, earlier than I should get up considering I closed the store last night and didn’t get much sleep. I’m not one of those who can come home from work and go directly to bed.

Anyway, my mind would not let me sleep as it tossed around the projects I could do on my day off like stones in polisher. A smile crossed my face as the breeze brushed my skin while I dressed in the dark.

Moving down to the kitchen, the plan was to make zucchini bread and then work on a writing project due today. Alas, the zucchini bread is done, but the writing project has just begun, with this being a warm up to the story I need to write.

Taking the fruits of my labor from the gardens and turning them into foods that can last has been a weekly event lately. For a few weeks in a row, I have been canning tomatoes, four to six pints one morning a week. That’s not a lot, but it helps over the winter, both financially and in knowing what is in our food. So far, I have jars of plain tomatoes, tomatoes with basil, andSalsa produce salsa made from my garden produce, with the exception of the garlic. I have not had good luck growing garlic.

The zucchini plants ended up with a bore insect in the stem, so there were fewer zucchini than expected. Even with that, I have made zucchini lasagna, layering slices of the vegetable with spaghetti sauce and ground meat, and the bread I made this morning, as well as throwing it in stir fries, etc.

As I sat down at the computer, the phone beckoned me a couple of times. Not only by ringing, but by reminding me of the calls I need to make. (Today is my grandson’s second birthday… I need an address for my daughter…. I need to register for the glass pendant class I am taking…)

Poof! It is just about noon. Where did the morning go? Days just seem to evaporate with that morning breeze.

When I am done with the writing project, which I’m excited about working on, I plan to clean out one of my perennial beds and rearrange it for next spring. It’s a gorgeous day, one of the few we have left before battening down the hatches for winter. (Written as a yellow maple leaf slowly drifts by the window behind my computer. A reminder of how true that statement is…) So, like it or not, I may be working outside into the evening…




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